5 Day Clean & Lean Program

Join Jessica (and friends) for a 5-day Clean & Lean Lifestyle program.  All for free!  Why?

  • Because feeling frumpy and unfit is so last season.
  • Because Jessica is on a mission to show you that living a lean life is totally doable, even when you have a demanding schedule.
  • Because eating clean doesn’t have to be complicated.
  • Because eating clean CAN be delicious.
  • Because fitness as a lifestyle takes the work out of WORK OUT.

Heck yes. Sign me up today!

Hey there!  I am Jessica Wyman. I’m on a mission to help you feel great, look fab,and live well. But first, I want you to know me so you know a bit about why I am fiercely committed to this mission. I was a former chubby girl.  I used to eat at the drive thru all the time, like 3 times a day frequent.  I even worked there so I could get free food and discounts. I deeply believe that I was scared to be a woman and to accept my curves.  I didn’t understand why puberty blessed me with more “curves” than the other girls.  I believe I ate my way out of my body shame.  Better to be chubby than the girl with noticeable curves.   Why am I telling you all this?  Because I want YOU to love you and see you the way I see you.  No more body shame.  No more thinking that you’re not enough. I want you to know that YOU can have the IT factor when it comes to your health. It means you can feel great & look great. So how are we going to get there together.  Because I’m honest as hell.  I don’t b.s. you.  I share with you exactly what I do to live well . . . because it works for real women who live in the real world.