Welcome to the 52-Week Clean & Lean Health Academy

No more gimmicks, quick-fixes or magic pills.  Just good old fashioned nutrition education. For a full year I’m going to teach what I learned in a year of nutrition school + be your biggest support system. Keep reading to learn more about how to change your mindset, your habits and your success . . . once and for all.  

Are you ready to love your life in 2017?  But…

So often you feel unsupported in your health goals?

You find preparing healthy meals too overwhelming, time-consuming or difficult?

Are you worried you’ll just fail anyway, so why try?

How would your life be different if you had support and direction?


I would love to be your health coach, nutritionist and yoga teacher + your biggest cheerleader!

I want to help you and support you no matter what level you are at.

Not only will you get my encouragement you will also get:


  • Access to a sensitive and understanding online community of like-minded people
  • Help with meal plans & food prep ideas
  • Healthy recipes will be provided
  • Weekly Lean Life Yoga videos
  • + More Tips & Tricks to live a Clean & Lean Life
  • And most importantly – the SUPPORT YOU have been looking for!

Here at the Clean & Lean Health Academy we go out of our way to curate the most helpful content to help you live your best life.

I love working with Jessica Wyman because she is encouraging to me and supports me with helpful, healthy suggestions. She never berates me for making a poor food choice as she understands changing your mindset about food isn’t going to change overnight but she does give me helpful hints.

I first worked with Jessica during her month long program. She planned out all my healthy meals for four weeks which made eating healthy food a no brainer. The meals were fun to make and they were all delicious! Who knew I would really like a sweet potato covered in chili topped with Greek yogurt? I didn’t and now it’s an easy go-to healthy meal for me. Some of her meals even helped me sneak in healthier options into recipes I already enjoyed.

It was also fun to go shopping and pick out the items I needed and take pictures to show off the delicious recipes. Being part of a community helped me achieve and sustain my goals of weight loss.

Jessica herself is a great role model. She has lived the fast food lifestyle when she grew up and had to train her brain and taste buds to make the healthier choice and she shows me everyday I can do the same without sacrificing good tasting meals. You can tell she loves what she does as well! One of my favorite moments was her going above and beyond with feedback. I went shopping and picked up the items in the list and she was so excited about getting started she made an extra video filled with new tips that she couldn’t wait to share. That shows me she cares and wants us to succeed. It’s more than just a health coach, but a health friend who is as invested as you are and that makes all the difference. She had helped me look at food in a whole new way. Instead of feeling punished that I can’t have something I simply reset my mindset into thinking how can I get more produce into my day? Small tricks like this give me something to come back to when I’m out and about or extremely busy and need to make a quick decision.

She’s like one of those little angels on your shoulder that tells you the good things you can do or have and most of the time she overcomes the little devil. Or at least makes it easier to want to listen to her over him which makes each time easier than the last.

Katie Ware

KWare Tennis

I’m ready to say yes and get the support that I’ve been craving. 

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For about the price of 4 drinks at Starbucks you’ll get the support of a health coach, nutritionist and yoga teacher. It’s less than half the price of a gym membership and you’ll be getting weekly yoga videos. Dinner meal plans (with recipes) for less than the cost of a cookbook! And you’ll be receiving all this with personalized support.  Yes, you get to ask me your questions and there is a health coach on duty 6 days per week!

Weekly Meal Plans

& Food Prep Tips

Weekly Lean Life

Yoga Videos

Lifestyle Education +

Support & Accountability

  • Feel focused, supported and in control of your health and body.

  • Get priority access and support from Jessica and two more health and fitness gurus, DAILY! Members get priority access and are first in line for new programs, coaching slots and goodies.

  • Lose weight, stressful habits and draining relationships.

  • Gain energy to face the little dramas of everyday life and new ways sustainable ways do it.

  • Learn how to eat healthy in a way that fits your lifestyle, because our bodies & lives are not one size fits all!






Help me make sense of all the ever changing nutrition information!
  • Weekly modules to include: Informational Downloads Lean Life Yoga Videos Fitness Tips Clean Eating Recipes Education Support!!! Access to the Exclusive Online FB Group for members only, with a Health Coach on call daily!  (Sundays excluded) 1 Monthly Group Accountability and Q&A call with personal laser coaching
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Making real changes in all areas of your health lifestyle?
  • Weekly modules to include: Informational Downloads Lean Life Yoga Videos Fitness Tips Clean Eating Recipes Education Support!!! Access to the Exclusive Online FB Group for members only, with a Health Coach on call daily!  (Sundays excluded) 2 Monthly Group Accountability and Q&A calls with personal laser coaching Monday Kickstart Affirmation delivered via text 
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Jessica Wyman

Certified Holistic Nutrtitionist, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Certified Yoga Teacher

As a busy mom, author, speaker and nutritionist, I have to admit that healthy living didn’t always come easy for me.  Once upon a time my family used to regularly dine at the golden arches.  But then one day I knew we couldn’t keep living like that. The constant acne, lack of energy and my husband’s puzzling medical problems led us down the path of changing the way we eat – which led to the way we live. But here is how I am different.  While I will teach you to eat well, to love exercise and to live a fulfilled life, I won’t take away your favorite indulgent foods.  In fact, I’m going to encourage you to have them and to do it – Guilt. Free. Because it’s not about the one thing we do.  It’s about the majority of what we do and what we believe.  When you live the clean and lean lifestyle 80%-90% of the time, a glass of wine or piece of pie will be just fine.

Have questions? Contact me and we can setup a time to chat and see if the 52 week Clean and Lean Health Academy is right for you!

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