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How did you become a Health Coach and can I do it too?

Of course!  I received my certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Anyone with a passion for wellness, a laptop and a little time can do it – and you can literally do it from anywhere in the world in 12 months.  As a graduate ambassador I have access to provide some scholarships.  For information on the school and scholarships, download the program guide here.

Are supplements just expensive urine?

That’s a loaded question!

I’ve done loads of research.  Years actually before deciding on an answer to this question.  I used to believe that you could get all the nutrition you needed through a really well balanced diet.  Well, that’s simply not true.  You would have to consume an insane amount of high quality food to get your optimal daily intake, so you really do need a high quality nutritional supplement.

Here’s the deal though.  Not all supplements are created equal.  Only the best are bioavailable (meaning absorbed by the body).  I highly recommend you watch this quick video to see why not all supplements are created equal.

What's the best way to eat? Vegan, Paleo, Raw, Gluten Free, Etc?

There is not one answer to that question.  I’ve studied over 150 different dietary theories from leading experts in this industry and everyone has different nutritional needs because we all have different bodies.  That’s called bio-individuality and it’s a cornerstone concept I teach in my nutrition programs.

I help my clients explore and determine the best way to eat for THEIR bodies because what worked for their best friend or neighbor just might not work for them.  Learn more about my nutrition programs here.

What blender do you use?

I absolutely love my Vitamix.  I love it so much I have an extra to take while traveling on road trips so that my family still has one at home.  My best recommendation is any high speed blender that fits your budget, but if a Vitamix is in your budget, I highly recommend it.

In fact, you can click here and use code ***06-008129 *** to get FREE shipping on your order.

A few of the reasons I chose my Vitamix:

  • I can make my own nut butters
  • It’s easy to clean
  • The warranty
  • BPA free canisters
  • I make my own flours with the dry blade jar