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Hi there!  I’m Jessica Wyman.
Idaho native and outdoor enthusiast…and bookworm, nutritionist, author and more.  But on this page, it’s all about the outdoor adventures I enjoy and hopefully getting you involved too!

You may have noticed on my website that I have a passion for the outdoors.  In fact, it’s part of what makes me tick as a person.

As a child, while I grew up in the city (like the only city in Idaho that was large enough to be called a city), I had ample opportunity to experience the outdoors.

We lived a short walk from the Boise River with a direct path to it.  I can still feel the sting of the cold water as we took the first plunge each day.  Those were the days…swimming, riding bikes and exploring with all my cousins.    

A time when the only rule was to be home by dark – if the street lights were on we needed to be in earshot of the house.  My mom might not realize this, until she reads it here, but we would ride our bikes from the house all the way out to Sandy Point.  I don’t know how far that is, but it is a long ride as an adult.

And now, as an adult, I’ve made it a point to explore the Boise foothills on bike and foot, but this is my second time getting to know these hills.

Many of my childhood days were spent pretending to hideaway, explore or just be with nature in those same hills . . . before it was something the adults used to stay fit.  My moments on those trails and in those hills is so very different now.  Even my own sons are seeing them differently than I did at their ages.  Keeping their feet securely on the trail when I was using the sagebrush as a hideout.

But even still, there are times when I am on the trails that I pause in remembrance of the freedom to explore the outdoors that I experienced in my youth – “in the wild”.  A moment to reminiscence and look a the familiar red cliff that now prominently sports as sign saying to stay off and that it is a risk, but knowing when we were kids we climbed on it.

The times have changed, and that is not good or bad, but the times today require a more concentrated effort to be outdoors.  Our days are structured.

But that doesn’t mean the opportunities don’t exist.

As an adult my boundaries for exploration have widened.

I’m spending my 30s getting to know my great state and share it with my children.  40 is around the corner and I’m already sneaking in adventures in nearby forests.

By foot.  By bike.  It makes no difference to me.  I just care to be free. 

For years I hid out at home worried that I didn’t have the skills to get outside without someone guiding me.  Until I realized that I just needed the resources and support.  A key piece to the puzzle was developing my confidence in getting my adventure on.


And now…

I’ve led two annual all women backpacking retreats and a ladies only mountain bike ride in which half the group was new to mountain biking.

It’s my mission to inspire women (and men) to take a chance.  To get out in the wild and feel free.  To explore beyond the borders of their own backyards and explore their state and beyond.

That is why I sharing my campaign #GetMoreGirlsOutside

  • I want to see you in action.

  • Please use the hashtag on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and let your adventures inspire other women and girls.


This past year I volunteered with NICA / Idaho High School Cycling Association, as a race reporter, and also with Team C4 as a ride leader and “team mom”.  It was the best summer of my life.

Every young athlete in that organization inspired me, but when the first every Idaho high school mountain biking race started with the ladies, I cried.  Sure I would have cried even if it was the boys, but it was a moment I’ll never forget…to see the first league race in the inaugural year start with the female student athletes.

I am so proud of all the student athletes, but watching some girls come out that had never been on a mountain bike and those who have been racing before, was awe inspiring.  Those are some of the women I look up to.  I only wish they had this when I was in school.

This only reinforced my passion to #GetMoreGirlsOutside and ON BIKES!  And backpacking.  And hiking or running outside.


Locally I will be planning monthly outside adventures.  Join me on to stay in touch about those adventures.  But I will also be posting some virtual challenges so we can get involved all across the country (and world!!!).

If you have a business, product or service that you feel would benefit the #GetMoreGirlsOutside campaign, please email me at jessica @ jessica – wyman [dot] com

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Thank you to Primal Wear for their support of my campaign.