Meet Jessica

Hey there!  I am Jessica Wyman.

I’m on a mission to help you feel great, look fab,and live well.

But first, I want you to know me so you know a bit about why I am fiercely committed to this mission.

chubby jessy 1I was a former chubby girl.  I used to eat at the drive thru all the time, like 3 times a day frequent.  I even worked there so I could get free food and discounts.  See —->>>

Once upon a time I even frequented the drive thru with my kiddos.  Hard to believe now.

I don’t always eat clean.  Anyone who has run into me at the coffee shop knows I love baked goods with my Americano…but forgive me.  I don’t bake so I get my fix there.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because I believe in transparency.  

I know we live in a crazy world that expects perfection from all of us, or at least makes us think the world does.

I want you to know that you can feel good, actually have energy and enjoy eating healthy food.  You can even get your kids on board too.

So how are we going to get there together.  Because I’m honest as hell.  I don’t b.s. you.  I share with you exactly what I do to live well . . . because it works for real people who live in the real world.

It’s so frustrating to see people have to sift throughout the gimmicks, trends and ever changing information to figure out how to live a healthy life.  It was frustrating for me and I know it’s been frustrating for my clients too!

I’m so over it and know you can be successful with good old fashioned delicious food without counting calories by focusing on nutrients and being happy.

I keep it simple and I believe in 100% transparency.  

Jessica Wyman HeadshotWith me, what you see is what you get.  This is me now —>>>

I believe in being honest about my journey.  I don’t hide stuff.  I’m an open book.  Here’s a bit about that.

Sometimes you’ll catch me with a glass of wine.  Only sometimes though.  😉  Sometimes it’s a piece of cheesecake.  Most of the time it’s giant glass of water and plate loaded with delicious veggies.  You’ll see me eat lots of beets and brussel sprouts and I RARELY ate veggies prior to turning 30!

When I take my kids out for pizza, I drink a glass of organic wine and load up at the salad bar, but I always enjoy a bread stick while I’m there.  And I’m there often enough that they know my family.  And I’m okay with that.  In fact, I love it because I believe in community and being realistic.

Who wants a nutritionist that says you must ALWAYS eat home and be perfect ALL the time.  That’s no fun and it’s not realistic in the modern world.

How I help you is by teaching you how to navigate through this confusing world.  I’ll help you make the best choices you can with the options available to you.  I believe that there is no one right diet and my programs teach how to find the right one for you.  Oh, and I call it lifestyle, because diet implies something strict and that you’ll stop doing.  I think by now you can tell that’s not my approach.  

Jessica Wyman ArrowNo time for cookig from scratch?  I get that and I’ll give you options.  Just be sure to get on my list so you never miss those kick-butt tips.  Click here for a no b.s. and no spam approach.  

So here is my approach.

# 1 Love yourself and accept all your strengths and your flaws.
# 2 Love everyone else that way too.
# 3 Do better each day without judgement.
# 4 Find a tribe to support you and your goals (I can help you with that!)
# 5 Eat well, be well, and live well.

I offer online nutrition programs that you can fit into your already jam packed schedule.  You can do it on your time, but be surrounded by a loving sisterhood of women who get it.  They’ve got the same goals so they’ve got your back.  It’s loaded with love, support, education and nourishment.  You can learn more here.  

As an energetic wellness expert, I inspire people to embark on their own personal journey to living their vibrant life. I have a strong belief that living your best life cannot be achieved by a single focus, which is why she I’m a multi-passionate wellness coach and business mentor.

I combine a unique blend of healthy eating, yoga, spiritual development, reiki and love of delicious food to inspire you to achieve a wealth of health in all areas.

I created my own wellness practice and online nutrition programs, wrote my cookbook Girlfriends Organic Kitchen, and created my informative wellness blog, just so I can provide wellness information to help you live well.

I’m a book worm/outdoorsy hippie that happens to be a fashionable and hip mama too!  I’m hooked on riding my bike, ask anyone who knows me.  I grew up in Idaho, raised in the “city”, but a mountain girl at heart.

When I’m not online sharing lifestyle advice with you, I’m most likely riding my bike, talking about bikes at the bike shop, hiking with friends and kids, walking my giant dogs, socializing at the local coffee shop or playing around on my yoga mat.

Want to live with abundant energy, adventure and joy? – Stick with me and I’ll show you how!